“Huh.  Still in the 200’s.  That sucks.”

But I’ve been stressed out and was on a train at the time, so I laced in a quick correction bolus and barely noticed that the site felt a little sore as I was sitting on the Acela.  Later that day, still in the 200’s.  But again, stress?  So I went to dinner with a few more units on board and anticipated a drop.

I should have pulled the set.  It took a whole night ‘in the yellow’ to remind me that it’s not always my pancreas being the prick – sometimes it’s the infusion set that’s gone rogue.  Sure enough, after pulling the set this morning and watching blood pool up where the infusion set had just been, and then inspecting the cannula to find that it had, in fact, gone full vampire on me, I realized being stubborn doesn’t pay.

Here’s twenty minutes after a correction bolus from a new set:

Stubborn Kerri pays the price of being stubborn with sweaters on my teeth and a high level of grouch from hearing the Dexcom going off all night.