Yes, I already hate myself for using that awful title.  Sounds like it comes with a side of everything-in-the-desk-drawer-of-an-elementary-school-teacher.  I’m at the tail-end of a big writing project, so while my brain is mostly occupied by that, there are still thoughts, unrelated, that have managed to escape.  And here they are, in a bulleted list.

  • The JDRF is looking for feedback as it relates to diabetes and technology.  If you’d like to give your opinion on pumps, CGMs, and all our other assorted robot parts, click through to this survey.
  • Little girls designing superhero costumes?  Right up my alley.
  • The DX is hosting an article from me about What I Didn’t Expect while I was pregnant.  It’s strange looking back three years to when I was in baby-building mode.
  • “Blood glucose test strips are at the center of diabetes life. The FDA acknowledges there are inaccurate strips in the marketplace but has no process to remove them. People with diabetes are at risk from inaccurate strips. Let’s change that.”  YES – let’s!!!
  • Frog in a Blender.  I remember this from a really long time ago.  It’s still awesome/gross.
  • Diabetes Mine is looking for submissions for their Patient Voices Scholarship program, and also for a survey on diabetes and technology (I sense a bulleted theme).  Check out Amy’s post for details.
  • Blogger Buzz Bishop writes about his perceptions of diabetes camp, and why it’s so important.
  • I love Molly’s recap of her first Friends for Life conference.
  • Lemonade doughnuts – their very existence – is cruel and unusual punishment, since I love lemonade and have been petitioning for lemonade-flavored glucose tabs, toothpaste, and grills (not the Weber variety) for at least sixteen minutes.  Dunkin Doughnuts made one.  And even the Gothamist can’t convince me to avoid it entirely.
  • Rhody-local newscasters actually broadcasted a piece on bear safety.  Our news teams are hard hitting.
  • This post, from Happy Medium, is the most amazing piece, in my opinion, to come out of Check In day yesterday.  “If you make a difference in someone’s life by writing, by tweeting, by instagraming, then you are a hero. That is a fact. Even if the only difference you make is in your own life.”  Brilliantly said.  If you haven’t read it already, please read his post.

Onward towards deadlines!  And stuff!