I’m very happy to be guest posting over at the Lauren’s Hope blog today, about the importance of wearing medical alert jewelry while traveling.

“My job brings me on the road (and in the air) at least a few times a month, and for most of my business trips, I’m traveling by myself.  This is a mixed blessing, because while I’d love to have my family with me when I’m away from home, doing the toddler-on-the-plane entertainment shuffle can be maddening.  And when I travel, type 1 diabetes travels with me.  (It refuses to be left at home.)”

The thing I’m most excited about is that the crew at Lauren’s Hope is doing a Free Stuff Friday giveaway of some diabetes-specific and travel-friendly medical alert jewelry – you just need to leave a comment with your travel tip over at the Lauren’s Hope blog, and they’ll select three winners for some very handy bracelets.  (And this is not a ‘ladies only’ contest – they’re unisex bracelets, so men, get your travel tips ready.)

Here’s the obligatory contest rules information:  Enter to win* one of the products shown in my guest post by commenting on it with your own travel and safety tips! They can be anything from packing ideas to finding a local ER when you don’t speak the language. Remember to list the product you’d like to win. Full product descriptions are listed at the bottom of this page, and the three winners will be announced both on the Lauren’s Hope Facebook page and on the Lauren’s Hope blog tomorrow, Saturday, June 1st.

*Winners will be chosen at random. Please click here for full contest rules and regulations.

Happy (hot as hell) weekend, and I’m looking forward to seeing the travel tips!