You know how sometimes you want a haircut, or a new watch, or to paint the front door of your house bright pink because you can’t stand how everything has looked the same for so freaking long kind of thing?  The blog had become that for me.  And I wanted a new, bright pink front door.  Or, in bloggy-terms, I wanted a new site to pepper with content, one that didn’t require so much coding-by-hand and served as a better, brighter house for my nonsense.

So welcome to it!  My new home at Six Until Me – now with more white space.  And (hopefully) less muddled coding.  The posts from the last eight years (starting with Blogspot and moving into the Movable Type Age) are still available in the archives, and you can search for previously posted content there, but all new posts will live here.  I hope.  Unless I accidentally hit the wrong button somewhere during the content migration and the whole thing goes to crap.

Over the next week or two, there will be a few hiccups as the migration to new servers and [insert things I don’t understand about DNS and file routing and … stuff], but overall, I’m hoping for a smooth transition without me throwing-too-many-plates-in-a-fit-of-frustration.  Because the plates never go as far as I want and I end up frustrated because I throw poorly.

Digression over.  Welcome to my new digs.

But there will always be alt text.  ALT TEXT ... YARGH!!!!!