It’s one of those days when bullet points are the only way to get the thoughts out.  Otherwise, they tool around up in my head and make a mess of things.  

  • I feel guilty when I make an 8-cup pot of coffee, intending to drink about three cups of it and ice the rest, but then find myself having consumed the entire thing and willing the paint to peel off the walls just by using my powerfully-caffienated eyeballs.
  • How did CatDog use the bathroom? 
  • Siah nudged me awake this morning, like she was back to being a fluffy kitten.  All meow, meow, meow.  And it was cute, until she tried to stick her nose in my mouth.  That was a gross moment, and one I’m not looking to repeat.
  • In my efforts to clean up the backyard and prettify it, I’ve gotten myself a lovely case of poison ivy.  Itching is fun.  I love Calamine Lotion.  See also: never trust a big butt and a smile.
  • I’m embarrassed at the state of my inbox.
  • Fact:  I don’t admit to the people on my conference calls that I’m usually talking to them from the swingset in my backyard.
  • Or that I’m in workout clothes but am not working out.
  • Or that I haven’t showered yet.  
  • And sometimes I shower solely with the purpose of going to Dunkin Donuts and getting a coffee without scaring the employees.  This makes me question my priorities.
  • (For the record, my daughter is always clean and dressed.  I take good care of her.)
  • I reckon I hear there’s a hurricane a-comin’.  This means that the good people of Rhode Island have bought every loaf of bread and quart of milk for miles.  Bread & Milk soup for all!!  
  • But in all seriousness, we did buy water.  Because hydration is super.
  • We finally saw the last Harry Potter movie last night.  (Going to the movies is hard when you have a baby and you don’t have a live-in nanny who also folds laundry.  Or a nanny of any kind.)  I loved the book series so much, and the movies didn’t disappoint.  Also, it was nice seeing Birdy’s favorite wizard on-screen again.  (“Dumbledore, Dumbledore!”)
  • I like watching Birdy on the video monitor, while she’s napping.  I enjoy Bird-Watching.
  • This morning, my meter case spilled off the bedside table and no fewer than 3,477 dead test strips came tumbling out like confetti.  Now it looks like a diabetes New Year’s Eve in my bedroom.
  • Few new Animas columns are up for August, including “Waterproof?” and “I See Blood Sugars.”  
  • Should I be more, like, organized and schedule posts ahead of time?  Is it bad that my daily posts are whatever’s top of mind for me?  Or should I have an editorial calendar that involves updates from Siah?  (Kidding.  Clearly Abby the Cat is the writer in this feline family.)

Stay safe this weekend, New Englanders.  And if you truly are making French Toast with all that bread and milk (and eggs, if you have those lying around), call me