A few years ago, I was talking with (or was I actually hanging out with?) Faye from SugarBump.  She’s a talented photographerbaker of some badass Novolog cake pops, and discovered she’s apparently a crackerjack Animas composer.  Our very own Beethoven … only she did something better than Beethoven.  She figured out how to replace his Für Elise on my pump with … wait for it … the Top Gun theme song

Problem was, I had to wait forever to make the switch.  I switched to an Animas insulin pump back in January of 2010, when I was seven months pregnant with the Bird.  The last few weeks of my pregnancy were very stressful, and then when the baby was born, life took on a decidedly different list of priority “To Dos.”  My desire to reprogram the tunes on my Ping ended up forgotten. 

Until recently, when I re-stumbled upon an email from Ms. Faye, which included the music file for the song upload.  And I was determined to make the switch.

After sending the diabetes-Batsignal up to the TuDiabetes community, I received the instructions on how to change the song.  (Click here to view the user guide, and then scroll down to page 60 for the instructions.)  The result?

(Here’s a teaser from an upcoming Animas vlog about new tunage for my Ping)

If you want the Top Gun theme for your Ping, email me and I’ll send you the audio file for the EZManager Max software. If you have any tunes that you’ve composed and you want to share them, let me know!

And, for the record, I’ll be your wingman any time.