My godfather is known for his ability to find the quirkiest, most remarkable little gifts, and now that I have a daughter of my own, that tradition is extended to her.  For my baby shower, he gave me a “three blind mice” puppet to entertain BSparl with.

It seems simple at first – just a red box with a removable lid:

Three blind mice.  Three blind mice.  They're in this box.  They're in this box.

But inside lives these three blind mice (finger puppets), and you can make them dance by putting your hand in the secret glove.  BSparl loves this puppet.  She toddles over to me with it in tow, and claps and laughs when I make the mice jump out of the lid:

They all went after the farmer's wife!  Who must have done something to deserve that strife!

But clearly I need to wash my hands after testing my blood sugar before I play with this toy, because I managed to wipe a little DNA on the liner inside of the puppet:

Did you ever see such a sight in your life as three blind (DNA-stained) mice?

Diabetes, you have a way of working yourself into the strangest little places.