For once, I’m not at a loss for things to write about.  The problem is more finding the time to let the words out!  But there are a few links/ideas I wanted to share, so here’s a Friday Six aiming to alleviate the pressure in my head.  😉

1.  The latest issue of diaTribe is out, and with it is a SUM Musings column I wrote back in December (but had been put on hold for this cure-focused issue).  “What is a cure for diabetes?  Is there room for variances in that definition?”  I think that perspective varies like basal rates.  Check out the column and see what you think.

2.  The Australian Diabetes Council has some videos about life with type 1 (and a few on type 2).  I received an email from their media outreach team, and while I don’t post everything that’s sent to me, this one with Sebastian made me smile.  I want to hug the kid, and his dad, for two entirely different reasons.  

3.  There have been a lot of posts about the Friends for Life conference last week, but this one from Scott Strange broke my heart and made me smile, all at once.  Thank you, Scott, for this poignant piece.  

4.  dLife is playing host to a new Generation D column, and this one has a big shout out to Victoria Cumbow and her work to help the PWDs in Alabama who have been affected by the tornadoes.  Click through to The Outpouring and see how the diabetes community isn’t just blog posts and Twitter … we’re helping one another in real life. 

5.  Hannah at Dorkabetic has always been one of my favorite d-bloggers, because she’s smart, creative, and she doesn’t pretend to have it all figured out.  Hannah’s diabetes recently “turned 21,” and she had a tough endo appointment to mark the occasion.  Throw a little love Hannah’s way, if you can, and raise a cup of your favorite liquid in her honor!  (I’ll be raising iced coffee.  BSparl may be raising a pot of invisible tea.)

6.  And lastly, as I’ve watched the shrubbery in the backyard quiver while my idiot cats do battle in there, tearing through the yard and running after one another (and mostly Siah dive-bomb attacking Abby the Cat, with poor Abby just sitting there, paralyzed by fear and fat), I need to remind myself that they did once like one another.  These foolish animals were once buddies.  

They used to like one another.  Or at least slept on the same rocking chair.

Although you’ll note that Abby has one eye opened.  Smart cat.