After Abby wrote about her diabetes-themed tattoo, there were a lot of comments from people either yaying or naying the idea of a tattoo.  I received a few emails with some photos, but the BEST photo I’ve seen so far is from a mom in Quebec, Canada.  Camille is the mom of a kid with diabetes, and she and her husband got inked in solidarity for their son.  

From Camille’s email:  “My hubby and I both got inked last October in support of our four years old son Jacob who was diagnosed [in] January 2010. He started pumping in August 2010. One day he said to me, ”Mom, am I the only one in the world who has a pump?” I knew he felt alone on his diabetes planet so we decided to join him! I told him that we too would get pumps, that T1 is part of who we are and that the love we share is way stronger than D!”

Incredible ink.  Incredible!
Two dedicated parents, and one cute kid with a great smile.

If that’s not the most badass advertising Medtronic will ever get, I don’t know what is.