I do not enjoy basal testing.  Even though I sometimes go six hour clips without having a snack (thanks, Birdy and your busy ways), something about knowing I can’t eat or exercise makes me want to do a 5K while simultaneously chomping down on some soft serve.

But when I noticed that I was going to bed at a completely normal blood sugar, but waking up in the 180 – 220 mg/dl range for three days in a row, I knew I needed to do some basal tweaking.  

Making adjustments to my overnight basal rates always skeeves me out.  I’m a very deep sleeper (as evidenced by the fact that Siah prowling around on the bed all night doesn’t wake me in the slightest, but makes Chris say “We’re sleeping with the door SHUT tonight,” in the morning), and I have a very healthy fear of overnight low blood sugars.  My symptoms of a low on the overnights used to be this body-drenching sweat, but since the birth of my daughter, that symptom has all but disappeared.  Now, I don’t have any symptoms at all.  Blood sugars of 60, 50, and lower don’t even register until I prick my finger and go, “Oh.  I guess I’m low?”

So the idea of raising my basal rates, even though I’m doing it to make a preemptive strike against highs, makes me nervous.  Thankfully, I have my Dexcom, but I’m still a little on edge. 

This morning, I made some small adjustments to my complicated overnight basal (I have three very modest rates in an eight hour span, so each 0.01u counts), and tonight will begin the mad scientist experimentation that is diabetes.  I’ll have to get up and test around 3 am, because while I trust the Dex to give me the gist of things, i want my meter to confirm I’ve made a good change.  Oh you, basal testing!  You want me to sleep even less than my kid does!

Even though I’m traveling for the rest of the week (and then again in two weeks – it’s going to be a very busy month), I can’t let these highs permeate my overnights.  Sometimes I feel like those precious hours of sleep are the only moments I’m securely in range (I do so love that Dexcom graph flatline of 108 mg/dl overnight … or at least the flatlines I used to see, until a few days ago), and I want to return to that level of overnight control.

I do not enjoy basal testing, but I understand why it’s important to nail these rates.  I just hope I got it right on the first try.  Because I need all the sleep I can get!

(Thank God for iced coffee.)