Oh you. You are into everything.  I can’t childproof this house enough for your fast little fingers.  Screen door?  Let’s try and put our faces through it, okay?  Mulch in the garden?  I know – it tastes delicious!  Dexcom receiver?  Your favorite thing to HIDE!  Toy box?  You want to see what’s at the bottom!  Yay!!!  YAY!!!!!

By the time you go to bed at night, my whole body feels like it’s been put through that Playdough spaghetti factory.  Thank GOD you sleep through the night and have been for almost a year now.  (Yes, I’m going to say it out loud now, even though my pediatrician said not to whisper a word of it when you were two months old and sleeping through.  Whatever.  You’re Super Sleeper!)  I love, love, love you but I have to admit that you wear me right out. 

It’s been a bit of a tough month because your teeth have doubled in number.  For the longest time, you only had those two little teeth on the bottom, making you look like an upside down rabbit.  But in the last eight days, four of your top teeth busted through.  This makes for a few tough (screaming) nights, some Santa Claus-red cheeks, and one very cute smile.

You are trying really hard to feed yourself independently now.  Thanks to your mother’s poor hairstyling skills (those pigtails are desperate, and secured by clips instead of elastics, making them like rabbit ears to go with your rabbit teeth), your hair is at least out of your face while you eat.  But you haven’t quite mastered the concept of “fork” and “spoon” yet.  I arm you with several utensils at once, but you just wield them like a plastic scepter and use your other hand to grab your scrambled eggs.  (Or “eggies,” as I have taken to calling them.)

Fourteen months of the Birdzone

You had your first nibble of gluten last week (a little bite of bread from the restaurant table) and while I know it’s okay to introduce these things slowly and with good nutrition and good health in mind, I will admit that I teared up.  I know it’s ridiculous to have superstitions about anything related to my diabetes, but somehow I felt a little scared.  I can’t let this Thought dominate my mind, and it’s now banished to the back of my mind.  Where it belongs.  In a cage.  Without a key.

But all those serious thoughts aside, it’s been a busy little bird month for you.  You’ve cut teeth.  You give kisses and hugs when they’re requested.  You said your first, excited sentence:  “HI KITTY!!!”  (All caps necessary to convey your excitement at seeing THE KITTY!!!)  And – oh yeah – you helped me earn my mommy stripes one again when you pooped in the bathtub.  Two days in a row.  Causing both of us to furrow our brows in distress.  (Note to BSparl:  Thanks for not playing with those new, floating brown pool toys.  Also, you are a gross little bird.)  I am looking forward to potty-training.  😉

Motherhood isn’t easy.  But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  And I think you are the best little friend I’ve EVER had. 

You’re my big birdy, and I love you.

Love always,