When you’re dealing with something relentless each day,
It can feel like frustrations are seconds away.
There’s the burnout, depression of chronic disease
The chaos that comes with attempts to appease.

We do blood sugar testing, precision carb counting,
We’re wearing devices to aid in surmounting
The pressure of acting as panceri stand-ins.
This whole diabetes can sure be demanding!

We lean on our doctors, we lean on our friends,
We lean on our families and try to no end
To master this monster known as diabetes.
We try, and we stumble, but get back on our feeties.

Because we can do this!  I know that we can!
We can master this monster! We can draft up a plan!
Or just fumble days we’re unsure how to weather.
The point is, we’re in this, and in this together.

You can do this!  You can.  If I can, so can you.
I’m the last diabetic who knows what to do.
I try hard to succeed in managing this whole mess.
I am so far from perfect, but I do my best.

If you have diabetes, you are not alone.
You’re part of a group that has blossomed and grown.
We’re all living with this. We hold on to each other.
We’ll get through today and move on to another.

You can do this.  I swear.  Even days that are tough
Come with moments that prove how you can be tough.
There’s a life to be lived, one that I wouldn’t miss.
So hold your head high.  You can do THIS.