Recently, I reconnected with a long-lost local PWD named Ryan.  Last time Ryan and I saw one another, we were talking about diabetes goal-setting and dealing with wicked bouts of burnout.  And this week I received an email from him with a freaking brilliant idea about how to stay motivated towards setting – and reaching –  diabetes-related goals.

“I’ve had this ‘pyramid’ for about three months now.  Just something that I keep near my desk to keep me focused on my diabetes.  After completion of the pyramid I have no clue what I will do but some kind of celebration will be in order,” he wrote, and attached a slide to his image.  And when I opened it, I was like “whoa.”

He had created a pyramid of his diabetes goals.  Tangible goals – real life goals – that are both achievable and ambitious, all at once.  I thought this was so clever because it is a constant but non-threatening reminder of what diabetes goals are most top-of-mind for him.  (Also, having a celebration at the end of that pyramid completion sounds like a quality idea.  Perhaps a Fudgy the Whale?)

I’ve been working towards gaining better control of my diabetes (and overall health) lately, and I love the idea of something I can print out, stick to my fridge, and remain inspired by.  I liked the idea of a pyramid, but I kept picturing a huge Bingo hall in my mind, with a whole bunch of PWDs sitting at the tables with glucose tabs and bingo markers at the ready.  But the trick wasn’t getting four in a row – it was filing the whole card.

I thought about my own, personal goals and created this:

Diabetes bingo.  Have at it, Google.

There are a few not-necessarily-diabetes-related goals on there (like “lose 6 pounds,” which is because I’m still trying to de-flump), but there are a lot of diabetes goals that aren’t unique to my particular circumstances.  Since I’m trying to emerge from some diabetes burnout, my goals aren’t as tight as they were a few months ago (see also:  the slow progression from an A1C over 8 to one under 7.5).  But these are real, and I’m hoping to fill the card within six months.  🙂  Thanks for the fun idea, Ryan!

What would be on your bingo card?