New York City was the site of this week’s NBR awards, so Chris and I made sure we went into the city early enough to do some really important things.  Really, really important things that can change the course of humanity.

I’m talking about cupcakes, of course.

I don’t know what it is about cupcakes that brings me such joy, but I am their target market.  I love the super sweet frosting, the spongy cake, and the portion sizes (much easier to get a small cupcake versus a small … pie).  I enjoy every kind of cupcake, from the ghetto Stop & Shop ones to the specialty ones that cost a ridiculous four dollar price tag.  Like the ones at Crumbs.  They are my favorites.  (But four bucks?  For a cupcake?  Ridiculous, yet, I still pay it now and eat it and like it.)

While we were in New York, we visited Crumbs.  Land of massive, 500 calorie cupcakes.  To prepare for battle, I dosed well in advance of our cupcake excursion (remember, I was on Levemir and Humalog pens for that trip) and started out at a blood sugar of 95 mg/dl.

The pre-cupcake starting mark.

I had the Raspberry Swirl cupcake (not a big chocolate fan):

OMG delicious.  And 500 calories.  Bah.

and Chris had the White Hot Chocolate one:

Yes, those are little toasted marshmallows on top.  Holy awesome.

And thankfully, the diabetes gods played nicely for the afternoon, landing me at 143 mg/dl about an hour and a half after indulging.

The post-cupcake lucky landing.

If nothing else, the streets of New York City provide just the right amount of walking exercise to tame even the most frosted of beasts.