Looking back on 2009 has made me smile, laugh, cry a little bit, and also made me a little bit dizzy.  Here’s an in-depth recap of the moment in 2009 that stood out for me – and what I’m looking forward to in 2010.

January marked the completion of my first Diabetes 365 project, and also the announcement of my partnership with Dexcom.  And it also was another month of A1C struggles (theme of my diabetes life, it seems).  Some of my former dLife coworkers took on the Diabetes for the Day experience, and I took the concept of “diabetes perfection” to task. 

February had some tricky highs and some unfortunately vlogged low blood sugars, but I did celebrate my birthday, and Valentine’s Day, with my husband, and I also had a chance to interview Jay Cutler.  February was also the dawning of my tendinitis saga (which rages on to this day, albeit is slightly better), and a bad month for pipe layers from Holland

March forced me to admit that whole thing about froast, and then there was that issue with the GARBAGE TRUCK GARBAGE TRUCK.  I cracked open my diaries from way back in the day and talked about how diabetes affected me then, and now, and my mom popped in to write another guest post.  And the ellipmachine joined the Sparling household (and yes, it’s still being used), as did the Dexcom Seven Plus.  But one of the best moments in March was hanging out with the ladies of the Fairfield County Dinner crew, who I miss terribly!

April was the beginning of the travel mess that was 2009, with a trip to the Canyon Ranch Institute with Dr. Val (and that whole issue with the pilot on the plane).  I met the employee of the month, I had dinner in New Haven with Manny and Adam, and I shamefully recounted my story about the guy with the heart on.  I ended up scanning a pile of old photos and diabetes stuff from decades ago, and the cost of healthcare today versus years ago caused me to go on a bit of a rant.  Also, I got a cortisone shot to hopefully help with my wrist issues.  OH AND I MET SHOES!

May was fun.   SixUntilMe.com turned four years old, and I celebrated my blogaversary by having dinner in NYC with Caroline and her (almost, at that point) fiance.  There was another Fairfield County Dinner with the ladies, and again with the fine folks at ACT1.  And Chris and I marked our first wedding anniversary by taking a cruise to the Caribbean.  (Although there was that questionable walrus …)

June gave me some time to focus on the parts of diabetes that make me grin (yes, there are a few!) and also a moment to talk about diabetes stereotypes.  I became a Kevin James zombie and ate a blueberry cupcake o’ awesomeness.  I also channeled my Grammie in the grocery store when I was attacked by apples, met some fellow d-bloggers in Philly, and the first announcement about Buried was made in Variety!  And, as a reminder, Brett Michaels is a shithead.   

July was a ridiculous travel month, but so worth all the time in the air.  Chris and I traveled down to Florida for the CWD Friends for Life conference, and I had the distinct pleasure of hearing Joe Solowiejczyk speak, and also had a chance to catch up with Jay Hewitt.  (But we definitely hit up Disney World after the conference was over, which was awesome!)  A few days later, I visited Washington, DC for a Better Health event about healthcare reform, and then popped off to Indianapolis for the Roche Social Media Summit (and met some of my favorite diabetes bloggers).  Lee Ann and I skipped the teeny plane rides and instead took a road trip to Chicago for the BlogHer conference, where I spoke on a panel about PatientBloggers, had lunch with Valerie Jarrett (and spent some quality time with my conference wife Jenni and more d-bloggers).  

August began with a renewed mission to conquer my A1C and work towards a healthy pregnancy.  And then Chris and I traveled to Spain (my first trip to Europe) and visited the set of his film, Buried, then set ourselves loose on the city of Barcelona.  And little did I know, we came back with a bit of a surprise.  🙂  But in the meantime, I gave some thought to switching insulin pumps.   

September was spent holding a secret, but while I tried to stay quiet, I gave up caffeine.  And my A1C came back at the lowest it had been in 23 years, which was awesome, considering the secret I was carrying.  Chris and I made a big decision to leave Connecticut after 3 1/2 years at dLife, and planned to move up to the Boston area in October.  While I worked out my last month at dLife as an editor, I visited a local CT support group and met with some terrific parents.  And we packed.  (Cats did NOT help.)

October marked my last day at dLife, and Chris and I moved ourselves (and our cats) to a new place.  A ninja arrived in the mail to greet us.  We visited Bar Harbor again and ate strawberry butter and biscuits at the Two Cats Inn.  And then I finally told you guys my secret, the one that I’d been holding for three months – about our baby.  But before I could sit and enjoy the excitement of telling, I had to take a quick trip to Las Vegas for BlogWorldExpo to speak on a MedBloggers panel.  But once I got back, I let loose with the pregnancy posts that I’d been drafting up for weeks.  At the end of October, I took a quick trip to Philadelphia for the ePatient 2009 conference, where I spoke about being a patient blogger, and addressed the topic of diabetes and guilt.

And then November.  Stupid NaBloPoMo made my head explode.  So did the H1N1 vaccine.  We, as a diabetes community, celebrated D-Blog Day, and I ate cheeseburgers.  Chris and I visited Florida for the DRI Diabetes 2.0 conference, where I spoke on a panel about online diabetes communities.  With November also being National Diabetes Month, we marked World Diabetes Day on November 14th.  And when my computer bit it in November, I replaced it with a shiny new Macbook (way out of my paygrade).  And BSparl gave us a few first flutters

Now it’s December.  We found out our baby is a girl this month, and that we’re heading to Sundance next month.  Chris and I marked the 20th week of our pregnancy, and we found out that we’ve replaced Shoes with ceiling gnomes.  I see the doctor more than I see my husband these days, and the baby bump is getting bigger. 

2009 has been the year I’ve been hoping would happen for a long time.  I’ve made some career moves that I’m very happy with, and my husband has had a very successful year as well, but what matters most to us is what’s coming in 2010.  I am married to a man who I love intensely, and in just a few short months, our baby girl will join the family. 

And that’s the part that makes me cry with joy.

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year, everyone, and cheers to a happy and healthy 2010 for us all!