Yesterday, my mom and I made attempts to make a bunch of Christmas cookies.  We started out early(ish) in the morning, and with some normal looking cookies and with our brains fully functioning.  We made some delicious winners, like these tasty Hershey Kiss cookies that have a tinge of peanut butter and are melty and awesome. 

Hershey Kiss cookies are the BOMB.

However, after too many cookies cycling in and out of the oven, and after decorating dozens and dozens, we started to lose it a little bit.  Maybe we got a little punchy.  Or bored.  Or a dangerous combination of both.  Either way, by the time we got to the gingerbread people, we were both silly.  We tried to keep them standard, like this Santa Claus cookie, complete with little paper present and sassy raisin eyes:

But then we digressed into gingerbread kitties (made from the regular gingerbread man shape, only with added cat features to fool consumers into thinking this cookie should have a tail): 

Gingerbread Kitty?

“Oh NO!  MR. BILL ATE MY LEG OFF!”  Or some such comment from this mushy gingerbread man, complete with bloodied stump.  (My mother stopped calling these “cute” and instead starting asking me if I had anything I wanted to talk about.)   

Imagine he's screaming, "AHHH!  MY LEG!  THAT NINJA CUT OFF MY LEG!"

And these, the best of the bunch:  NinjaBread cookies.  GingerNinjas?  (For you, SuperG!)  However you slice them, these cookies weren’t baked, but instead stalked themselves into crispy, sneaky perfection: 

Gingerbread Ninjas - George, this guy is lookin' at YOU!

The ninjas came in both purple and green, had red cinnamon ninja “stars,” and took to hiding in the fake snow in my mother’s Christmas village, where they were joined by the cat cookie.   Then the snowmen pretzels wearing their sombreros visited the scene.

Of course.

… I’m a little nervous that my baby may not understand me.  😉