“Is it too early to be feeling the baby moving?”  I asked my pregnant best friend.

“What are you, fifteen weeks along?  No, it’s not too early.  Does it feel like fluttering, or butterfly wings?”

I remember when the NBF was at my house over the summer, about five months along in her own pregnancy, and she was convinced she had felt the baby move for the first time.  She and I sat on the couch for 20 minutes, our hands pressed against her swollen belly, hoping the baby would wave at us.  She felt it more strongly than I did, but I did feel that whisper beneath her skin.  Slight dancing, like a butterfly was trapped underneath her skin.

“Yeah, sort of like what we felt with you.  Only … well, weirder, because it was in me this time.”

She laughed.  “It could definitely be the BSparl.  Or gas.”

“I love that this is either my baby moving around in there, or it’s just a rockin’ gas bubble.  Classy, as always.”

This was about two weeks ago, and for the last two weeks, I’ve been checking constantly for signs of the dancing BSparl.  (Don’t tell anyone, but I even busted out the stethoscope we have at our house, searching for sounds of the baby.  All I heard were the sounds of my body bustling around, but still – I tried.  I also listened for Siah’s heartbeat, just for kicks.  She has a heart.  Just no brain, it seems.)  Sometimes, I think I can feel something, always on the right hand side, down near my pelvic bone.  Other times, I realize that I’m feeling my own heartbeat in my fingertips, mistaking it for BSparl.  I have no idea what’s going on in there, but I know that the last time we saw him or her, there wasn’t much room left for him to scuttle around, so I thought I’d feel him any day.  I’m hoping to feel a definitive dance from Baby Sparling soon, one that is definitely not passed off as “gas” but instead “Wow, that was the baby moving!”   For now, I’m waiting patiently and constantly checking.  (Patiently for me, anyway.)

BSparl at 17 weeks

(Here’s where you get to see my extensive and sad sweatpants collection.  
And my banana plant, there on the right.)

I’m now just past 17 weeks along, and I feel happily porkchoppy.  My belly, though popped out and my waist is quickly disappearing, is firm and solid and feels so warm to the touch.  

Diabetes-wise, my numbers have settled down a little bit.  The lows aren’t nearly as frantic as they were, and the overnight ones have tapered off, thanks to some slight basal adjustments.  (Granted, I have 6 different basals rates throughout the day …)  I’m going to bed at a number around 90 mg/dl and waking up around 80 mg/dl, with the Dexcom confirming a flatline all night long.  And believe me – I’m not boasting in the slightest.  These numbers are blowing my mind, and I’ve never had such solid control before.  My last A1C, taken two weeks ago, came back at 6.1%, which is officially the lowest I have been since my diagnosis in 1986.  A few highs have crept back into the rotation, but I’m stalking them and they don’t hang around for more than an hour or two.  Again, this isn’t because I’m doing “all the right things” or because I’m suddenly paying rapt attention – something about this baby is making my numbers fluctuate less wildly.  I have heard some horror stories about insulin resistance and the third trimester, so I’m going to stay very thankful for this steady second trimester.  

One thing I’m having a little trouble with is keeping my insulin pump sites stuck to my body.  I’m changing my site every three days like clockwork, but with all the lotion and moisturizer I’m slathering on my itchy, stretching belly, the infusion sets aren’t holding like they used to.  I’m currently wearing them on my lower back, but I need to rotate out to my arm more frequently in efforts to use a little more real estate (and also so I can finally and properly rub my hips with this fine smelling cocoa butter!).  

This is going by so fast.  In a week, I’ll be at the halfway point in this pregnancy, and I can’t believe how quickly this is happening.  Next week we’ll also hopefully find out whether this BSparl is a BoySparl or a GirlSparl, providing they aren’t being all shy in there during the ultrasound.  And also for next week, we’re hoping to have an announcement of an entirely different kind, so just bear with me while I spazz out for the remainder of the month of November – it’s a wild time in the Sparling household!