I loved my HP laptop.  Loved.  Seventeen inches (size matters) of shiny screen with plenty of memory and all my photos and my videos and my writing on it … it was the technological embodiment of my life as a blogger and I took it with me everywhere.  Blood sugar logs throughout the course of my pre-pregnancy and now-pregnancy, drafts of articles I haven’t finished yet, and a cache of photos spanning four or five years back.

But last week, the whole thing went kaput on me.  

Missing my PC, but loving the new Macbook

It started at the beginning of October, when the browser windows started to crash on me.  Then I received “low memory” warnings, prompting me to back up all of my files on my 500 GB hard drive and delete crap from my laptop hard drive.  “That should do it, ” I mused, hopefully.

But then things started disappearing.  Photo edits slipped right off my desktop as soon as I saved them there.  Spreadsheets went from functioning to melting every time my mouse went near them.  Word docs became skittish, hiding in the trash without my permission.  Photoshop crashed.  My video editing software died.  And then, my email seized.


After a slew of curse words and frantic backing up of the contents on my laptop before smoke started to stream out the sides, I made a very, very rash decision to replace my laptop.

So I’ve crossed over to the other side.  I bought a Macbook Pro, seduced by that little light up Apple logo and the promise of no viruses.  Brandy new, full of room for my stuff, and way above my pay grade.  But I’m considering this a business investment, or at least pretending it’s one.

I have to admit – I feel a bit like a sell-out.  I liked my PC, and I am still planning to have it fully crashed and rebuilt.  All of my Dexcom software is on my PC and most of my diabetes-related programs only run on a PC.  (Note to diabetes software developers – maybe you’d like to think about making stuff for a Mac?)  I’ve never been the “OMG I must have an iPhone” and I’m perfectly happy with headphones that AREN’T white, but after working on an iMac at dLife for a few years, I did have a chance to see how fluid the Macs are when it comes to video editing, design stuff, and overall smooth usage.  So with a PC netbook in our house and a few other PCs floating around, I wanted to make the change to the ol’ Apple.

Honestly, I do love it.  🙂  There’s something so nice about a completely clean computer, one without all the error messages that my wounded PC was throwing for the last few weeks.  It just feels like an upgrade from my four year old PC laptop.  I’m not going full-Mac,  but I am embracing the new computer and all it’s jazzy features.  Only tricky part is that I need to replace my design software with the Mac version, but other than that, I’m ready to roll with this new Macbook.

Any of you guys make the switch from PC to Mac?  Do you feel those pangs for Windows at all, or am I just being weird?  What do I need to do to make sure I’m using this machine to its fullest capability?  Are there any websites you’d recommend?  Is iMovie where it’s at for video editing, or is there something else I should be using?  Anything I should be careful NOT to do?  Newbie Mac’er here, and would love the advice.  

(And in completely non-geeky-computer-stuff news, “Buried” did well at the American Film Market, and has been called one of the hot sellers of the film market.  Go Team Sparling!!!)