There are some cool things that have cropped up in the diabetes community this month, and I’m a little late in announcing them here – but BSparl is a mind control baby, so my will is not entirely my own these days.  😉  

Here’s a quick Friday Six, highlighting some new adventures in the diabetes community!

World Diabetes Day is coming up on November 14th, and the crew at TuDiabetes are marking the day with The Big Blue Test.  It’s similar to the test-in from a few months ago, and here’s how you participate:

1. Test your blood sugar.
2. Run, jog, walk the dog or do anything you’d normally do as part of your exercise routine for 14 minutes.
3. Test your blood sugar again.
4. If you are a member of TuDiabetes click on the home page banner and share your readings and what exercise you did between them. If you have a camera, you can also add a photo of your reading(s) or you exercising.
5. If you have a Twitter account, post your readings on Twitter (use the #bigblue hashtag) and link back to:

Even though November 14th is a Saturday, we can all still raise our collective voices and post our numbers at approximately 2 pm.  For more info, visit the TuDiabetes Big Blue Test page

And have you checked out The Diabetes Resource, a diabetes website database put together by Gina Capone and her team?  You haven’t?  Dude,  you MUST.  Visit The Diabetes Resource, which is the self-proclaimed “first and only Ultimate diabetes directory for everything diabetes. The Diabetes Resource covers everything you need so you can find what you want, when you need it most.”  You can find diabetes bloggersdiabetes events, and learn more about the management team. Nice job, Gina and team!!  

In self-pimpage news, I’m now contributing to the MyDiabetesCentral team at HealthCentral, so if you have a chance to skip over and check out my shareposts, that would be stellar.  (Latest one involves a broken ass.  Yes, the truth hurts.  A lot.  In the hindquarters.)

Also, also, there’s a new diabetes site called A Sweet Life:  The Source for the Healthy Diabetic.  It’s run by a woman named Jessica Apple (I do so love people with fruit as their last names, especially in these days of vitamin C cravings …) and she and her husband, Mark, are both living with type 1 diabetes.  “We know that diabetes is a very serious and frightening disease, but we also know that life with diabetes can be normal. It can even be sweet. Rather than think about diabetes in the negative sense of an illness, we prefer to think of it as our lifestyle. And we are determined to be healthy diabetics. We believe we are succeeding, and we hope that the information we provide through this site will help you do the same.”  You can check out A Sweet Life and get to know this new member of the diabetes community!

dLifeTV is looking for some new people to feature, and I wanted to pass the word on to you.  Here’s what they’re looking for:  “Have you had a specific life experience, event, or revelation that inspired you to turn things around and get better control over your diabetes? If you were previously neglecting your diabetes care and ‘got inspired’ to get healthy, we want to hear from you!”  For more information, click here.

And lastly, I’ll be at the ePatient2009 conference in Philadelphia on Monday and Tuesday, so if you’re attending, please say hello!  You can catch me on Twitter @sixuntilme or by email.  Or if you just look for the slightly potbellied girl with the enormous purse, you’ll find me that way, too.  😉  

Have a wonderful weekend!!