Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be heading out to Las Vegas for the BlogWorldExpo conference, hanging with my medblogger pals (and meeting Dr. Anonymous after all these years – yay!).  I’ve never been to Vegas, so this is a first for me.  Hopefully I won’t end up covered in sequins or some such nonsense.

A few things to announce before I sign off and relax on the new couch (that the cats are ALREADY picking, little jerkfaces):

Since it’s starting this Thursday, I should mention it first:  BLOGWORLDEXPO!  I’m totally excited to be attending this event, and beyond humbled to be sitting on the State of the Health Blogosphere:  We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby panel.  Kim McAllister from Emergiblog is moderating, and my fellow panelists are Nicholas Genes from Blogborygmi and Kevin Pho from Kevin MD.  There’s a whole slew of medbloggers representing, and I’ll be there to rep for the patient bloggers.  I’m really excited to meet some of these bloggers, and I’m hoping to do right by the patient blogosphere.  (And I’m also looking forward to checking out the rest of the conference, which is shaping up to be pretty cool.  Anthony Edwards will be there – can I keep myself from calling him Goose?)

I’m happy to (finally – been waiting weeks to announce this!) say that I’ll be speaking at the Diabetes Research Institute’s Diabetes 2.0:  Connecting the Community event in November, hanging out as a panelist at the Connecting Online session, with Manny HernandezScott StrumelloEllen Ullman, and moderated by Jeff Hitchcock.  (I hear we’re the lunchtime panel, so if someone can slide a sandwich onto the table about halfway through the presentation, that would be awesome. Chicken salad would be my first choice. ;))

Also, if you’re in Philadelphia at the end of October and you’re able to visit the ePatient Connections 2009 conference, please do!  I’ll be speaking on Monday, presenting with Diane Bayer, on the Patient Opinion Leaders Panel, but will be hanging out for the duration of the conference, so if you’ll be in the area, email me! 

There are a few other conferences that are still firming up their itineraries, but I need to wait until those are all set before I blog about them.  For now, I need to get packing for Vegas, baby.  Vegas!!!