Our first real Christmas tree in years.

In the Sparling household, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  The tree is up and decorated, the stockings are hung by the … something with care (we don’t have a chimney), and white lights have cropped up all over the place.  And it’s our first REAL Christmas tree in years, because we won’t be away from our house for days on end visiting family.  Fake trees have dominated our holidays for the past few years, and there’s a warm, snuggly feel to having a pine tree in the living room.  I’m excited!!

I’m not mentioning the three little Christmas stockings we have for the cats.  I refuse to even whisper about that.

This is our first Christmas in several years that we won’t spend on the long, clogged highway that is Horrible 95,  so we’re trying to get into the swing of things this year.  It’s been pretty easy, since I’m sporting a nice baby bump these days, so “nesting” is totally up my alley.  (It’s the strangest feeling, that satisfaction I’m getting once I realize all the laundry is done and folded, and how much I’m enjoying vacuuming these days.  VACUUMING!  Even all those shedding pine needles aren’t bothering me.  What the hell is wrong with me?!)

I’m looking for some decidedly-non diabetes stuff from you guys, if you have it handy.  My mom and I are going to be making cookies in a few days, and Chris and I are having a dessert get-together at our house coming up, so I’m in dire need of delicious desserts.  Cookies, pies, cakes, breads … basically, I’m looking for your favorite holiday dessert. (Because, irony being what it is, I’m unable to cook a decent meal, but I can make any dessert recipe under the sun.  It’s my only culinary talent, and it’s a cruel one indeed.)

If you have a favorite recipe that you’d be willing to link out to, or share in the comments section, I’d really appreciate it!  And my family will appreciate it, too.  You guys are my secret cache of fantastic snacky ideas!