Baby Sparling, 19 weeks and counting.

We’re at the 19 week mark with our baby, and things are starting to change again.  My belly is hard and high, completely obvious now and forcing me to rock NBF’s maternity jeans.  (She rocks, because she can provide some very useful hand-me-downs these days.  And NBF is due any day now!!  Ahem – sorry, I’m so excited!)  Pregnancy symptoms, like that heartburn I’ve read about and my new appreciation for the power of fiber and the need for some new bras, are in full force, and I’m feeling busy in the body these days.  Not to mention the weird leg cramps that crop up without warning.  I’m out of breath going up flights of stairs, thanks to the pressing of my uterus against all my other internal organs.  And my hair, which used to shed at least a few strands after every shower, has stopped shedding entirely.  (The cats in my house cannot make the same claim, however.)  These changes are taking some time to adjust to, but I am so thankful to be experiencing this.

The biggest change I’ve noticed, aside from the belly, is that now my blood sugars are starting to resist insulin a bit.  I haven’t been able to nail down a definitive pattern yet, but my morning basals need some adjusting.  For the last four months or so, I’ve been waking up at numbers close to or under (sometimes waaaay under) 100 mg/dl.  My Dexcom showed a flatline on the overnights, and I felt pretty confident.  Until the last week or so, when I’ve started seeing a spike around 5 am.  I’ll go to bed at 80 mg/dl, then wake up at 5:30 am or so to use the bathroom, and ring in at 160 mg/dl.  Consulting with the Dexcom shows that around 5 am, things go haywire.  For a few days in a row, I was waking up, correcting the high, and then getting up “for real” at 8 am to see a number back under 100 mg/dl. 

Is this the insulin resistance I’ve heard so much about?  I’m just over 4 1/2 months pregnant and have gained (honestly) about 12 lbs, and the baby is growing by leaps and bounds, so I’m sure my diabetic body is freaking out from all this change.  Insulin-to-carb ratios are oscillating between 1:12 and 1:9, depending on the week, and my basals apparently need a kick in the morning.  (Of course, this morning I was a steady 70 mg/dl all night long.  Hard to find a pattern when it doesn’t remain as one for more than five days!)  I’ll be at Joslin next week for a full fetal ultrasound and an eye dilation (fun) and several other prenatal tests, so I’m sure my medical team and I will make some changes, but still – this is seriously like trying to hit a moving target.  Hopefully my A1C is still steady and in the low 6’s (for BSparl’s sake), and I just want to get to May with all of us in good health. So I can hug her.  🙂

I’ve also been waiting for her to kick, and my doctor told me that I might be able to feel something when I’m lying still and relatively quietly.  So the other night, I was in bed and the house was silent.  I thought it might be a good time to connect with BSparl.  

I placed my hands on my lower abdomen (where I saw her in the ultrasound last week) and pressed my palms firmly against my belly.  Nothing.  I waited a bit – maybe a few little flutters, but it’s hard to tell what’s her and what’s me this early in the game.

It was getting late, and I was starting to fall asleep.  My eyelids were closed and the house was silent and I could smell the Christmas tree from the bedroom. 

“Tomorrow.  I’ll try and find you tomorrow, baby love.”

She responded with a sharp, definitive kick.