Over the weekend, my friend Batman and I went to a local farmer’s market to scope out the offerings.  We went to a market in Rhode Island, and since I’m from RI, I know how teeny the state is.  You’d think that after growing up in a state that you can drive through in less than an hour, I’d have seen the majority of what’s there.

I love seeing that there’s so much more to see.  I like that my home state still has plenty of surprises in store for me. 

I had no idea there were to many farms in Rhode Island.  The market was located in an artist’s loft building near Providence, and an entire wing of the building was devoted to these farmers and their stands.  Ten different kinds of local eggs, bins and bins of fresh produce, and enough loose tea and cheeses and apples and fresh, hot cider to keep two (and a half?) girls entertained for hours.   

I cannot wait to eat soft cheeses again!

The spread of cheeses was amazing, and Batman sampled a few while I looked on in envy.  (BSparl, once you’ve escaped and I can hug you, I’m going to eat a whole wheel of brie.  Just as a warning.) 

OMG bolus-worthy!

And the dessert selections were definitely bolus-worthy.  Chocolate coffee rolls, brownies, and pecan-encrusted orange rolls (I think that’s what those shiny ones are) – all sitting out there, waiting to be gobbled up.  I think of of the cookies actually reached out to hit the bolus button on my pump, but I resisted.  (For once.) 

I wasn't aware that these grew on stalks like this.  So now I'm stalking them.

Brussel sprouts grow on stalks – this was news to me!   

We rooted around for these.  HA HA HA.

These were garlic stems, I believe.  Honestly, I was overwhelmed by the amount of organic, locally grown options.  Chris and I used to get eggs from the Mr. Chicken Man (the IT guy in my old office who has a fleet of chickens at his house as part of his wife’s business, and he’d bring local, fresh eggs in for us), and these eggs were so delicious.  Seriously better than the ones we’d buy at the store.  Getting eggs from Mr. Chicken Man made us want to buy locally as often as possible – simply because it was more delicious.  

Problem is, local and organic can be very expensive.  We can go to the grocery store and buy a pack of Ramen Noodle for $2.00 and it could last us weeks, but shopping only in the organic section could run us into financial ruin.  (Note:  I’ve never, in my life, had even a spoonful of Ramen Noodle.  My college roommates ate it – Chris has, too – but I’ve never tried it.  I feel like I missed out on a whole part of my college experience, by not eating the salty disaster that is Ramen.  End digression.)  These days, we’re paying rapt attention to food labels and healthiest options, for BSparl’s growing babyness, but I wish there was a cost-effective way to eat like this more often.  I’m sure my diabetes appreciates the lack of corn syrup and preservatives and all that crap. 

But in any event, it was a great location for a little shutter-snapping.  🙂