In a fit of unmanaged funds and a moment of celebratory freelance gig elation, I bought a new fancy-pants toy.

I’ve become known for being the “one with the camera.”  It is important to note that this statement doesn’t mean I’m the one taking nice pictures, or the one who is marketing her photography to art enthusiasts everywhere.  I just happen to be the one at work who is always snapping photos at events, or the one at the bar who has the camera ready for a group shot while we do a group “shot.”

I like capturing these moments in my life in the lens.  People’s faces make me happy.  (And so do my stupid cats.)  I love going through photographs and I regret not regularly toting a camera around sooner. 

Oh holy techno-joy.

So I picked up a new camera – a Nikon D40 – and spent the first half of the morning reading the Spanish instruction manual -I was so excited I was only looking at the illustrations and didn’t notice that the instructions were not in my native tongue.

I’ve taken pictures so far of the inside of the lens cap, the ceiling, Chris at the computer, the flowers in my bedroom, and the cats battling in the hallway.  This afternoon, we’re off to Brooklyn for dinner with friends, and I’ll take pictures of their ceiling, too.  Maybe some decent shots of bits in Brooklyn, but I can’t make any promises. 

And while I was told by the salesperson to take a photography class and to make sure I fully read the manual, I can’t help myself.  I’m experiencing full-blown techno-joy!!  (Make sure you watch the clip — I so love Eddie Izzard.)