I was under the assumption that most people found my blog by searching for “diabetes” or “insulin pump,” or even “medical blogs.”

I did not realize how many other routes in there were.  How many silly routes there were.  People are Googling all sorts of terms and finding Six Until Me

Of note:

  • “Do I often pogo-stick through your mind wearing nothing but a smile?”
  • “my bra makes me itch.”
  • “something found in a bathroom starting with letter y.”
  • “basal rates in turkeys.”
  • “Your smile makes me have to pee.”
  • “six in me.”
  • “obsessive chihuahua with pillow”
  • “How do I prove that I’m not a vampire.”

And my personal favorite, “Does Larry Bird have diabetes?”

Thankfully, no one searching for “sausage” has come my way.  Yet.