I went to CVS last night to pick up my prescriptions:  my birth control and my (sigh … old lady) blood pressure medication.  Maintenance drugs, in addition to my insulin and pump stuff.  Necessary.  One to keep my blood pressure down and the other to … well, to keep my blood pressure down.

“It’s Morrone.  M-O.  First name is Kerri.  There should be two.”

The pharmacist shot me a grin.  “Thanks for spelling it.”

She riffled though the cache of white paper bags until she came to mine.  I knew it was mine because it had a huge red piece of paper clipped to the top of it, marked “COBRA.”

Oh for crying out loud.

“Um, Ms. Morrone?  There’s a problem with your medical insurance.  Looks like your COBRA plan isn’t in effect yet.”

“I don’t understand.  My previous employer told me things were all set with continuation of insurance.  I should be good to go until my new insurance kicks in.”

Mentally assessing the situation:    Pump supplies?  Check.  Test strips?  Always tenuous, but check for the moment.  (Did I mention that my old job’s insurance company rejected my test strip claim, stating that it’s “not medically necessary” for me to test my bloodsugar more than four times per day?)  Monthly meds? Not so check.

“You need to call your COBRA administrator.  They can provide you with your account information and we can process this claim.  Do you want to pay out of pocket for these today and submit the bill later?”

The CVS pharmacy lady is so nice.  I hope she finds a bag of gold doubloons in her car when she leaves work.  She deserves treasure.

“I’m going to try and see if I can iron out this COBRA thing first.  If not, I’ll be back tomorrow.”  Out of pocket costs of more than $100 just for monthly meds?

The night progresses into the morning.  I spend much of it online dealing with the COBRA website, the Old Insurance Job HR website, and then first thing this morning on the phone with my COBRA administrator.  Turns out that my coverage election form wasn’t received, even though I mailed it out several weeks ago.  Coverage wasn’t “elected” until this morning.  Now I have to wait 30 days before I will even have a bill from COBRA.  And my coverage won’t technically be in effect until I pay that bill.  Which may not come for 45 days.  By that time, my dLife insurance will be rolling through.  And I know that I’m “covered,” persay, if anything happens, but I’m paying out of pocket for everything, only to submit bills for reimbursement once my insurance “goes live.”

So today I will wander back over to CVS and pay out of pocket for maintenance drugs.  I’ll put them at home with my other maintenance supplies; insulin, test strips, and pump gadgets.  Maintenance drugs.

If this is the cost of “healthy,” I should start saving.