Oodles going on today.  Here’s the rundown:

Dexcom:  Dexcom and I had a very nice day yesterday.  My sugars held surprisingly steady (surprising because I tend to ping all over the place) ALL DAY LONG.  I didn’t pop out of range once during the workday.  I’m potentially chalking this up to techno-joy at the moment, though, because my A1c plummeted the months after I started pumping, and then once I fell back into old habits, it rose a bit.  But there is something very reassuring about looking at the graphs and seeing good results.  Positive reinforcement.  Makes me want to remain steady.  Oh, and Siah left it the hell Dexcom works out hard, too.alone, so overall it was a good day.

Dexcom at the Gym:  I screwed this one up myself.  Just before I headed off to work out, I was trending heavily towards a low.  (The screen read 130 … 110 … 82 … 70 …) and I tested on my meter to confirm:  72 mg/dl.  So I took a long swig of juice and had two pieces of cheese before I trotted off to the gym.  Once I was on the treadmill, I had hit 280 mg/dl on my meter, 342 mg/dl on Dexcom.  Must have over-chugged the juice.  I ran instead of walking and watched the Dexcom trend me down back to 260 mg/dl.  My meter showed me at 212 mg/dl.  Close enough.  Weight training dropped me even further, back into range at 198 mg/dl for Dexcom and 167 mg/dl for meter.  The rest of the night held steady.  I’ll try again at the gym tonight and see if I can keep from cresting.

Dexcom Caught a Low:  It worked!  At about 2 am, the Dexcom started freaking out and buzzing from the bedside table.  I woke up and it hollered “LOW – 62 mg/dl.”  My meter confirmed me at 58 mg/dl.  Uncapped the juice, drank my 8 sips, and fell back asleep.  Woke up at 122 mg/dl on the Dex, 111 mg/dl on the meter.  Solid.

Dexcom Pisses Me Off:  It’s not all dreamy and fabulous, believe me.  This sensor is pretty damn big and it constantly catches on the waistband of my pants.  Next time I Dexcom, I’m putting the sensor on my thigh.  And to be perfectly honest, it’s not very sexy.  Sporting an infusion set for the pump and a sensor on my abdomen doesn’t make me feel pretty.  Of course blood sugar control is sexy because being healthy is sexy, but I’m not sure how I feel about deciding to wear this more than for a trial.  I wish these things were smaller and less intrusive.  I also DESPISE the shower patches, as they adhere to my skin like they were fused on at birth and ripping them off makes me curse (once again) like Yosemite Sam.

It’s all about whether or not the benefits of wearing this gizmo outweigh the cons.  Oh, and since this Dexcom was a “free gift” from the Diabetes Fairy, I haven’t had to mangle with insurance companies or coverage factors yet.   Do you need a script to order new sensors from Dexcom?  I’m in the dark on the insurance angle.

And Chris comes home from CA early-early Sunday morning.  Hooray!