Take the survey at Diabetes Daily.1.  It’s Friday, my fine Faithful Readers.  And if you are plodding through the last work day of the week and you just so happened to be diagnosed with type 1 diabetes after the age of 18, sounds like a survey is a good way to kill some time!  (Whoa, long lead there.)  If you were diagnosed with Type 1 after you turned 18, take this survey over at Diabetes Daily.

2.  The deposit was mailed out for our wedding reception site.  It’s now official:  Chris and I will be married on May 18, 2008.  I am so excited!  And I just can’t hide it!

3.  The ADA’s 67th Scientific Sessions are taking place in Chicago starting this morning.  Already the internet is buzzing with new diabetes developments.  Medtronic unveiled a new physician component to their diabetes-mangement software, CareLink.  The component would allow “healthcare professionals to quickly and easily analyze their patients’ critical diabetes management data, and identify cause and effect relationships in therapy that may enhance office visits and optimize treatment decisions,” according to the press release.  Anything to make the most of our endocrinologist appointments, right?

Also, there’s been an announcement about a non-invasive screening method from VeraLight, Inc.  The device is called “Scout DS” and it looks a lot like the plastic manicure sets that would come with your Barbie doll.  According to the press release, “using light directed onto a small area of an individual’s forearm the device is able to detect abnormal concentrations of advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs), which correlate well with diabetes and pre-diabetes and are associated with the disease’s serious complications.”  No blood drawn?  Cool stuff!  Let’s see if it makes it to approval in the U.S.

4.  I woke up this morning with Sausage s-t-a-r-i-n-g at me in a highly creepy way, not unlike the little girls from The Shining.  It’s not normal to wake up to insistent purring and whiskers in my face.  Does anyone want a small, gray cat?  I’ll ship her out, free of charge.

5.  With Harry Potter behind me (until July 21st!) and plenty of time to myself lately, I have been plowing through books like a schoolkid cramming all their summer reading in on August 30th.  I just finished Little Pink Slips by Sally Koslow and am now knee-deep in Then We Came to the End by Joshua Ferris.  I recommend the first one as a book to tide you over at the beach and the second as one to make you hate the fact that most of America works in a Cubicle Farm.

6.  Some terrific new Your Story entries being posted – make sure you catch up on the latest.  And if you want to submit your own Story, send it in by email!

Off to RI for the weekend for some relaxation on the beach.  Have a good weekend, guys!

Relaxation. Ahhh.....
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