It’s game on for white-water rafting in July.  Chris’s sister made the reservations and we’re off and running for the weekend of July 7th.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m ready to do this, but navigating insulin needs may prove trickier than making my way down the rapids.  As one of the most ungraceful people on the planet, it’s certain that I will either be tossed out of the boat or I will simply fall out, rendering my pump useless if it ends up waterlogged.  You guys mentioned the AquaPac and things of that nature, but knowing my luck, the pump will somehow become disconnected and lost.

Pumps aren’t cheap.

So I’m disconnecting for the trip.

I’ve given some thought to grabbing a script for Lantus and bolusing throughout the day with a Humalog pen.  This way, I’m covered on the basal front and I can selectively bolus for meals and any corrections throughout the day.

My brain is covered with questions, though.

How much Lantus do I need to take?  I’ve been pumping for over three years now and I barely remember what my insulin needs were B.P (Before Pump).  And should I start this “pumpless” regimen a day or two before the trip so I can have things almost figured out before we hit the river?  Also, what about morning highs?  I had some serious dawn phenomenon business going on B.P., and I have a morning basal setting that’s almost double what I take for the rest of the day.  Should I just suck it up and run a little higher for those three or four days?

I have a call in to Joslin and I’m waiting for their two cents.  But I know you guys have the other $0.98.  :0)  Any thoughts on this?  I appreciate any and all feedback!!