The good news:  Chris is involved with a very cool film project for the next several weeks, shuttling him back and forth between RI, CT, NYC, and CA.  I am so proud of him that I can’t keep the grin off my face even as I type this.

The off-centered news:  My fiance’s erratic schedule does create a bit of a concern for me, as I’ll be spending more time sleeping alone than I have in the past.  He’s here one night, gone the next, away for a few days and then back for a few.  Aside from missing him while he’s away working, there is that one small concern.

Yes, that whole “diabetes” thing.

I’ve lived by myself before.  It wasn’t a big deal.  Managing the finances, doing all the shelf-hanging and furniture moving and garbage-taking-outing was more of an issue than being diabetic.   However, I took extra-careful measures when it came to preparing for emergencies.  I was, and have reverted back to being, the diabetic girl scout.

Be prepared, right?

Bedside table, stashed each night with glucose tabs, juicebox, a glucagon kit, my meter, and my cell phone in case I need to call someone?  Check.

Fridge filled with juice bottles, juice boxes, and some tasty gumdrop treats (Come on, you can’t always treat with juice.  Sometimes a nice, chewy gumdrop makes the low a bit less crumby.)?  Check.

Contingency plan set up with my mother so that she calls me every morning around 8:30 am?  My office knows that I am staying alone some nights, so they are on the lookout for me and they also have my house number?  Check and check.

Internal pep talk about staying on task, being vigilant, and not letting any diabetes fear compromise how much I’m enjoying my job, my apartment, and my life at the moment?  Check.

Discussion with Abby about the fact that Chris will be gone some nights, leaving her responsible for waking me up from any low blood sugars by drumming her massive paws on my head and mewing until I start to stir?  She and I touched base about it this morning.  Her lick of my hand confirMy goodness, she can be so creepy!med that she was on board.  Check.

Sidebar discussion with Siah about being not being annoying, not climbing all over me while I’m sleeping, and not hiding out underneath the couch so she can leap out and attack my feet?  Check.  But that had nothing to do with diabetes.  That was mostly about Siah Sausage being annoying.

While Chris persues this incredible opportunity, I need to hold down the proverbial fort.  That includes making sure I’m safe and sound, so he doesn’t have to worry about anything.

Except for Siah.  That cat is completely unpredictable.