So we’re strolling along in Madison Park when we see a crowd of people gathered around a patch of sidewalk.  This skinny, balding man was fluttering around like a moth- first his papers in his hand, then a camera, then his pastels, then his own head.

“Holy shit, that’s that guy.”  I grab at Chris’s sleeve.

“What guy?”

“That guy!  The guy who does the 3-D sidewalk drawings.  Like the one of the laptop.  And the one where he’s jumping into a pool of water.”

“Who?”  Chris asked.

“There’s an email forward that has been going around with all the pictures.  You haven’t seen it?  The guy’s name is Julian Beever, or something like that.”

“I don’t think so.  Hey, is he drawing Transformers?”

We leaned in and investigated.  I took pictures but since I wasn’t at the correct vantage point, the true forced perspective isn’t shown.

More than meets the eye.

Still blew my mind a bit, though.  We also caught a picture of fluttery Mr. Julian Beever himself, directing the traffic in his mind.

Mr. Julian Beever

I know you guys have seen Julian Beever’s drawings before – one of you may have been the one to forward the email with his pictures to me in the first place!  Chris and I went online when we came home and Googled him up – sure enough, we found a bevy of chalk drawings that were simply amazing to look at.  This Batman one from his website is simply astounding.

Julia, help him!

** Hey Batman, this one is for you! **

Days like these help to keep the diabetes burnout at bay.  I think I just needed a little break from the blood sugars and all that garbage.  Visiting NYC helps.  As do 3-D sidewalk drawings.  I wonder how Siah Sausage would look as a sidewalk drawing?