Chris and I hopped on the train, bound for New York City and ready to spend the day exploring the city and enjoying the fantastic weather.

We started out the day visiting friends on the lower East Side.  After lunch in a cafe that had their huge, streetside windows wide open, allowing the spring air to come skipping in, we walked around Chinatown a bit.  We also saw what was claimed as Moby‘s building, where our friends told us that the blue fish and the octopus on the side of the building were painted by Moby himself.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Moby Fish

Not sure if that is a load of crap or not, but here’s the picture.  Can anyone confirm that this literal fish tale is true?

After lunch, Chris and I headed off to 14th Street and explored Union Square park, where the flowers were in full bloom and absolutely gorgeous.

So pretty.  No idea what kind of these flowers these are.

And I could not resist frolicking in the tulips.

Kerri amongst the tulips.

We explored Madison Square Park, as well, and found what appeared to be two baked potatoes in their natural habitat.  (What the hell are these things?  Art?  I’m so confused.)

Baked potatoes, in the wild.

I also stumbled upon a very handsome man, sitting contemplatively in front of a statue of William Seward.  Oh wait, that’s my future husband.  (Can’t.  Stop.  Grinning about it.)

Handsome Chris.

Fruther in Madison Park, we saw two enormous metal “battle trees” created by conceptual artist Roxy Paine, part of a public art series.  Very impressive.

Roxy Paine's battle trees.

After dinner at The Crooked Knife on 30th Street (delicious food here, by the way, and fantastic bathrooms.  I would like to model the bathroom in my home after the one in The Crooked Knife.), we trotted around Times Square for a spell, enjoyed a hot cup of coffee, and hopped back on the train for home.

And for tomorrow:  Our NYC 3-D Experience.