Nightly Discussions in the Morrone/Sparling Household:Can't figure this shit out.

1.  Explain Donkey Kong.  When people were naming this game, how exactly did the “donkey” part fit in?  You have a big gorilla who throws barrels, a captured princess, and a guy trying to save her by climbing complex ladder structures and dodging barrels and fire.  Of course it should be called Donkey Kong.  Makes perfect sense.

2.  Same with the Vlasic Pickle stork.  Storks bring babies and eat small fish.  Pickles are rogue cucumbers tossed in brine.  Is this the whole “pregnancy is to pickles as storks are to babies” thing?  Confusing, nonetheless.

3.  Hyphenating vs. Not Hyphenating.  After checking out an article on the Email Experience Council (don’t ask), a discussion erupted about how I would handle my married name.

My logic is all over the place on this one:  I want to be traditional and take my husband’s name (Kerri Sparling), but what about my name that I like so much (Kerri Morrone)?  Okay, so I could hyphenate (Kerri Morrone-Sparling) but then thThe hyphen ate could be further mangled (Kerri Moron-Sparkling).  How about Kerri Sparling and writing under Kerri Morrone?

How about getting waaa-ay ahead of myself and worrying about bizarre details that don’t need to be bothered with for months?  Check.

4.  I have another follow-up appointment for my eyes this afternoon.  It never fails that my dilations are on days when the weather is bright and sunny.  I have my big ol’ sunglasses at the ready and I’m ready for the drops.

Thanks to Johnboy, I’m considering this less of a doctor’s appointment, and more of an experiment in visual media.  😉