I haven’t picked up a jump rope since gym class, seventh grade.  

Back in the day, we did that “Jump Rope for Heart” thing where you collect pledges from your aunts and neighbors, then spend an afternoon in the middle school gym leaping about randomly with a length of plastic rope.  It was always utter chaos and left most people with sharp, stinging burns on their shins from whacking themselves with the rope.

Currently bored as can be with my cardio workout, I’ve been trying to find other ways to spend 33 minutes without resorting to the same treadmill routine.  Increasing the incline and chucking the speed up a bit is fine for a few weeks, but that becomes boring.  I tried rotating ten minute cycles – from the treadmill, to the elliptical, to the stepper – but I became burnt out on that, too.  There weren’t enough magazines or iPod playlists or chats with Larry that could keep me interested long enough.

I needed a change.

So what made me think that adding this into my workout was a good idea?

Good ol’ Rocky.

In every movie, he is always jumping rope.  And he has theme music.  And he’s SuperFit.  I’m thinking – maybe, by some magical intervention, not unlike Frosty the Snowman with his old silk hat – that this jazzy new jump rope idea may infuse my mundane workouts with new life.  

So last night, I made my Jump Rope Debut.  I completed 20 minutes on the treadmill, grabbed my fancy new jump rope (only $7.00 at my local sporting goods store!) and progressed to the weight room upstairs, where there is more than enough room to sling around a rope.  

Intial feelings:  God, this is a little awkward.  But if I keep my shoulders tight and my arms steady (instead of flailing around like a 5 yr old), it’s not so bouncy.  And it was that whole “riding a bike” thing – you never really forget how.  Whoops, just whacked my shins.  Nevermind.  I’m not bored with this!  Yay!

This morning’s feelings:  Whoa, my calves hurt.  And my abs hurt, too.  Good.  It’s working.

Maybe tonight I’ll load up the Rocky training sequence theme to my iPod, and I’ll finally have some damn theme music.