Nothing makes me grin more than the emails I have the pleasure of receiving from people who read this blog.  I hear from kids in high school whose best friends are diabetic, or from people who have been living with this for days (or months or decades), and from the wonderful parents of diabetic children.  These people offer me a glimpse into what their life with diabetes is like and their perspectives are beyond inspiring.  

They also make me laugh like hell, like Cindy from Indiana and the fantastic L. Bird photos that she sent my way.

When I opened my email  yesterday from a reader, I clicked on a link they sent that made me lean in close to my computer to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing.  Oh, and then I laughed like a lunatic.    The picture is a small bit too graphic for me to post on the site, but it involves little plastic G.I. Joe guys and some unfortunate roadkill.  The subject line – “Giant Squirrel Caught!” – is in reference to the pesky fella in my eye.  Click here for the picture.

The fine people who read this here blog are nuts.  (Ah, there’s the pun.)

And so, so appreciated.