the beads

Granted, we were the youngest people in there by a factor of several decades, but it wasn’t a problem.We grabbed our sterling silver wire, cut the string on the beads we chose, and settled in for our beading class. 

“Cut the beads loose on the string and we’ll begin working with the wire.”  The instructor said, a young and fashionable lady of about 35, sporting a few impressive pieces that I’m sure she brilliantly crafted up herself.

Of course, I snipped the string and watched as a few beads flung themselves off the side of the table and rocketed to the floor with a clatter. 

“Sorry…”  I mumbled as the bevy of old biddies twittered at me.  

I have never taken a beading class before, but it was really cool.  We used those fancy little wire tools and forced the sterling silver wire to bend to our will.  (Note:  Batman was whining about the fact that her fingertips ached from pressing against the wire.  I, however, had two decades of diabetes on my side and the scar tissue pads on the tops of my fingers made the wire bending a breeze.  Kerri: 1, Diabetes: 0)  The best part was using the stone and the little hammer to beat the crap out of the metal to assist it in keeping shape.  Here’s what we made:  a bracelet, necklace, and a pair of earrings. (See the fabulous little hammer in the corner?  Very fun, that.) 

What we made.

Here’s what Siah trotted off with:  a bracelet, one of the earrings, and a pump cap that happened to be hanging out near the aforementioned jewelry.

Pain in the arse cat.

Not sure what kind of class to take next – any suggestions?