This happens to me every winter:  I get to work, take off my gloves, log on to my computer, and then realize that a thin line of blood is smeared on my knuckle.  

Softens hands, you know.

Cracked and mangled, these little hands are.

My hands become so dry and uncomfortable during the bitter cold seasons.  Is it diabetes-related?  Or is it because I have sensitive skin and I wash my hands every 35 minutes?  Or is it just one of those Things?

My desk at work looks like CVS – I have more little bottles of hand lotion stashed in the drawers than I know what to do with.  Sometimes, I slather it liberally and put my gloves back on, though that makes all attempts at normal typing look like this:  lo’]po9ih32 klqj 49u dfa’’.  I stay very hydrated (hence, the washing my hands every 35 minutes) and my blood sugars aren’t running high at the moment, so what gives?

I’ve tried everything from Johnson’s softlotion to a litany of Bath and Body Works stuff.  I smell gorgeous at all times, thanks to my rotten hands.  But they still ache.  And they look horrendous, like I’m the crypt keeper.  It doesn’t help that I’m back to biting my nails and chewing my cuticles, not to mention the hard pads of scar tissue on my fingertips from testing all day long.  I’m convinced that if I look closely enough, I’ll see a miniature tumbleweed roll across the desert that my knuckles have become. 

My little hands are horrific at the moment. 

I’m waiting for that moment when I stop my manicurist on the street and say, “Look Madge, I soaked them!”  Maybe Palmolive is the answer.  That’s one I haven’t tried yet.

Anyone have a remedy for this?  My hands thank you in advance.  

EDIT:  This Jergens stuff looks mighty fine to me.  Eh, John?