Grand Rounds.

Grand Rounds 3.17

Once upon times, in a land filled with meds,
Lived a blogger who slept with a cat on her head.
As she dreamt through the night, dreams with colors and sounds,
She dreamt of the honor of hosting Grand Rounds.
“Emotions in healthcare,” she tossed off the covers.
“Where bloggers use blogs to comfort each other.”

Her eyes, they sprang open.  “The patient prevails!”
And she scurried off quickly to check her emails.
The screen buzzed to life and she saw, to her pleasure,
Grand Rounds submissions, too many to measure.

The bloggers who write about diabetes emotions 
Get more than their share of her love and devotion.
Like the comfort and chaos of a sharing their gripes
Or one whose emotions were raw and too ripe.
A post from the blogger at “Sweetness Within,”
About diabetes and its mental spin.
And the body providing a comfortable home,
Talks about the frustration of feeling alone.

But submissions are not just from d-blogs, my dears!
They come from all corners of med blogospheres.

The one about Ashley from dear Dr. A,
Who asks how a parent can keep her that way.
Dream Mom has her own strong opinions to tell
With an issue-by-issue perspective as well.  
The strength of a man, unaware of his AIDS,
Who went to a concert and seized the next day.
Or the stories of wounds that cut deep and are gory,
But end up as scars that stand proof of the story.
The sadness of doctors and their daily sessions
As they dive to great depths in the seas of depression.
The tale of a woman whose journey is far
As she’s told she has cancer while in the ER.
An Outsider finds her way back by her choice
To share in the power of one common voice.
The test of a man who had seen two great wars, 
Who counted the bullet holes ripped in the doors.
med student marvels at words that they choose
When doctors are forced to give patients bad news.

Submissions keep coming!  She rubs at her eyes.
The cats are like sharks, rubbing up on her thighs. 
“Hush, kitties – I’m reading!” she says as she finds
More posts about healthcare – the emotional kind.

She finds posts about storms that flush families away
And patients with feelings all tangled and frayed.
Still others write posts on the power of pets
And the souls that may fly out with finches just yet.
One blogger puts spin on the crash of a plane
And wonders how hospital deaths are the same.
voice from the wards speaks of hospital care
And the challenges doctors and patients face there.
Another asks questions on health insurance scurrying,
Which causes young mothers to spend their time worrying.
Or the rare gift of kindness from a stranger indeed, 
May have just saved the life of a woman in need.

“These writers are brilliant,” she says without sound
As she clicks on the “save” and reviews her Grand Rounds.
With the twenty best posts that have touched upon “real,” 
Moving past medications into how patients feel.
With a nod to her cat and a smile of glee,
Your host posted her Rounds up on Six Until Me.

Now ready your pens for the next Grand Rounds shout
Which will ring from the rooftops of Dr. Signout.