I put the key in the ignition and the car growled to life (as only a VW can), filling my car with the opening bars of “Well there’s Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Blitzen …”  What a holiday way to start the day – escorted to work by Mr. Bing Crosby himself.

Despite the fact that it’s been freakishly warm, (Global warming – do we really need more evidence than 50 degree weather in the middle of December?) it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  White lights have popped up all over the streets of my little town and the shops downstairs from my office are playing host to wreaths and bright red bows.  It’s a pretty little scene.

As I listened to Rudolph and sang along as loudly as I could  during my commute to work, I interjected the “Like a lightbulb!” and “Like Monopoly!” parts into the song, as I learned when I was a little kid.  Do kids still do that?  Does my six year old nephew know all these silly parts to the Rudolph song?  Do your kids know them?

I came across this article from News Target last week, about Santa Claus being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  Strange read, indeed. According to the article, Santa asserts that “I want to beat my diabetes and get my weight under control without popping pills … And it’s just too risky to take insulin injections when my reindeer tote my sleigh across the sky.”

Moving to something less Christmassy but just as mis-informed, I also found this podcast via Julia’s blog:  This nutcase Mickelson is spouting oListen to this idiot.ff about the “genetic flaw of diabetes” and asks “Why would somebody with an obvious genetic flaw chose to reproduce?”  I listened to the podcast twice and almost completely lost my mind.  I have made efforts to articulate a response to this pinhead who actually goes so far as to quote a book from the turn of the century about eugenics, which states that someone with genetic flaws shouldn’t have children.  He goes on to assert that we, as a society, don’t practice that anymore.  And then he has the nerve to drop his voice and ask “Why not?”   He doesn’t want his taxes to fund the treatment of diabetics.  He says that those who “can’t pay, can’t play.”  He says a lot of things that made me furious.

If you can stomach listening to this whole podcast, I applaud you.  I had to take several breaks due to my intolerance for his Nazi-esque viewpoints.  Listen for yourself here.  And then listen to James Hirsch set him straight here.  Despite the attempted apology from Mickelson, he’s still an ignorant fool and should be deeply shamed.

I need to go listen to Rudolph again.