I’m cheap.  Frugal.  Stingy.

Or maybe just bitter?

I’ll spend an obscene amount of money on a pair of pants or a shirt,D-Piggy Bank. but I will reuse a lancet until its bitter, blunted end and I will stretch out the life of an infusion set until the site starts to throb a small bit.  I’d rather spend my money on something normal instead of shelling out any more than is necessary to the diabetes supply fund.  Sounds sort of whiney but it’s true:  I spend as little money as humanly possible on maintaining the D.  I’ll exercise and eat right and keep things as tight as possible every single day, but I’m cheap about supplies.

Like today:  I went home for lunch.  Grabbed my handbag and some paperwork from the front seat of the car and closed the door with my hip.  Felt that “hey!” from the outside of my left thigh, where the infusion set is living.  The lip of the door snagged on my site and gave it a solid yank.

Oh man, that hurts.

I trotted upstairs to my apartment and scoped out the site.  The edge of my QuickSet had ripped a little bit, leaving a peek-a-boo spot that I could spy the cannula through.

“Shit, shit, shit.”  I pushed against the cap of the infusion set and watched as the cannula imbedded itself deeper into my thigh.  Pulling the plastic wrapping off a band aid with my teeth, I stuck the band aid over the infusion site and pressed down hard.

Too cheap/frugal/stingy/bitter to replace the site.  I mean, there was still 8 units left in the pump.  Enough to last me through the end of the work day, when I could rip the site before the gym, workout, and replace it after my “pump-free shower” tonight.

“Please work.  Please just hold out until the end of the day.”  This makes the second time in a week that I’ve had a conversation with my leg.

So now, a few hours later, I’m enjoying a blood sugar of 116 mg/dl.  My pump keeps hollering at me – boop beep boop – because the reservoir is less than 5 units, but I’m riding it out.  I have a brand new infusion set and a bottle of insulin in my bag.  I have an insulin pen stashed in my desk drawer.

What I don’t have is the desire to rip out a set before I feel it’s due to be removed.

Conserving test strips.  Re-using syringes.  Re-filled pump reservoirs.  These are the financial tricks of my trade.  Even though I know it’s better to switch the site every three days and to change the lancet every time I test, I just don’t do it.

I’m trying to convince myself that I’m recycling, but it’s a bit of a tough sell at the moment, with this sore site in my thigh.

Other people do this, don’t they?