Adventures on Black Friday:

Oh, delicious.

The vast expanses of coffee in the marketplace at Grand Central.  (They don’t sell cups of coffee, however.  I had to trot out to the Oren’s in the station itself to grab a much-needed cup of java.)

Just for the sugar-free set.

There are some very bright people in NYC.  Especially the people who knew that diabetics do love their sugar-free holiday treats.  This sign was like a blog-beacon.

When you least expect it.

It was a nice surprise, these gorgeous flowers dotting the landscape along the back wall of the marketplace.  The colors were tremendous.


Of course, we ventured off to Rockefeller Center and watched people skate around.  I saw one girl who appeared to be a professional, spinning like the proverbial top until she came to pause in a flurry of ice.  I also saw a bunch of clumsy fools (much like I would be) who fell over one another every five minutes and laughed like lunatics.

Not much shopping was accomplished, although we did brave the turmoil of Toys “Backwards R” Us that churned with the excitement of 50 million kids.  And I also scored a terrific Kate Spade knock-off on a sidestreet.

And while in Saks, I saw one tall blonde-haired girl wearing boots over her jeans (explain this horrific trend to me, please) pick up a $710 Prada wallet and murmur to her equally-as-fussy friend, “Oh, this would be a great trinket for Missy.”

A $710 wallet is a trinket?!!  Sounded more like rent to me.

Today, Ellis Island.  After that, some freaking sleep, please.  🙂