We watched from The Blue Fin, which is located on the corner of 47th and Broadway.

Broadway and 47th

The M & M guys watched from a billboard across the street and made me laugh out loud when I saw how intently they were “watching” the balloons go by.

I like the yellow guy.

Scooby scuttled by, low and lazy due to the rainy, whipping winds.

Scooby Dooby Doo.

Garfield kept a low profile, too.  Chris’ niece whispered in my ear, “That cat is almost as fat as your Fat Cat,” and nodded to make it true.

Fat Cat.

The Energizer Bunny was unaffected by the weather, tall and proud and an obnoxious shade of glucose-tab pink.

Keeps going and going ...

Occasionally, we ducked back inside of the restaurant for a refill on coffee and a chance to warm our noses.  It was as I was taking a long sip of cappucino when I almost spit it out at the shock of seeing this enormous bandit through the plate glass windows, running like he’d stolen someone’s purse.

Mr. Potato(e) Head!
Floating, freakishly odd-looking elves marked the coming of The Big Guy.
And Santa himself brough on the promise of the biggest shopping day of the year:  Black Friday.  I avoid malls at all costs on the day after Thanksgiving because I can’t imagine fighting with another woman over the last pair of Cole Haan boots.
Santa Man.
But we’re doing it anyway…  braving the wilds of NYC on Black Friday.  If you need me, I’ll be the one wearing body armor.