Check!Check.Clean the house, including that spot underneath the couch where Sausage hides all my pump caps and hair ties and the Chaos Hub that is my office.

Check.Wash the laundry.  It’s not fair for all of those gym sports bras and random socks to be tangled in the dirty clothes bin like that.

Check.Fill up the pump to the absolute brim.  Thanksgiving is notoriously food oriented (readers gasp in shock) and we’re starting our day on Broadway for brunch as we watch the parade balloons stroll by.  (More on that – with pictures! – on Friday.)  I need all the insulin I can muster up!

Check.Remember where I put all the pants that fit me.  (Hooray for faithful workouts and clothes that are too big, but a pox on not knowing where I can find a seamstress that can take my pants down a size.)

Check.Work on NaNo.  Find out how to cough up 38,000 words in a week and a half.

Check.Wish the blogosphere a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving weekend!