Penguins are interesting little critters.  They waddle all over the place and when they run, they stick their arms out behind them and waddle with vigor.  Very interesting indeed.

We saw them at the Central Park Zoo yesterday.

We had never been to the Central Park Zoo before, and the juxtaposition of the wildlife set against the skyline of New York City was something that gave me pause.  (No, not paws.  That would have been markedly more zoo-appropriate, though.)

“Look, a polar  bear!”

“Yes, and look!  A skyscraper!”

Aside from some amusing (yet highly stinky) penguins, we explored the jungles of Africa, saw enormous snakes, watched sea lions leap in a fountain, and checked out three cuddling monkeys.  (The monkeys, for the record, kept staring at us until we felt uncomfortable and left.)

Three cuddling monkeys

Zoos are always excellent fun.

And so are merry-go-rounds, like the one in Central Park.  It went a lot faster than we had anticipated.  For $1.50,  you can’t have a better time. Even grown men like them.  As seen in Exhibit A:  The Chris-Go-Round.

Exhibit A

A leisurely stroll through Central Park brought my blood sugar to about 58 mg/dl.  Never fear!  Glucose tabs are here!  (Good thing, too.  I felt crummy.)

Thanks to a late start and that low blood sugar, we snagged a cab to take us to Times Square instead of hoofing it.  We ended up in one of those black Lincoln town cars (you were right, Lyrecha!) and convinced the driver to reduce his rate to something less astronomical.  He did.  Victory for the Rhode Islanders! We met up with my friend Batman and her boyfriend for dinnerNot lost?  No way! in Times Square.  (Note to self:  A hamburger is never worth $16.99.  Ever.  Don’t let the lights dazzle you.  It should only have cost $6.00.  Thieves.  They burnt the bun, too.)

And we didn’t end up lost.  Not even once.  Which is a record for our directionally-challenged selves.  Which is also why this picture exists:  Me, standing exactly where I should have been standing, not lost in the slightest, looking surprised as hell.

“Hey!  Know where you are?”

“Times Square!”

“We’re not lost!”