An annoying critter since I first brought her home, Ms. Siah has notoriously shoved herself into every corner of the house.  When she was a teeny kitten, she hid in the recycling pile:

Hefty Sweege

She tried to help us put up shelves when we moved to Norwalk, but the best she could muster was hiding beside the toolbox:

The Nothing

(She looks like that dog that warned about the advancements of The Nothing from The Never-Ending Story.  I loved Falcore, just for the record, and always wanted my own luck dragon.)

Little Siah also makes attempts to clean Chris’ bathroom, but there’s really no helping him on that one.  Instead, she hangs out in the sink:

Sink dweller.

And most recently, we moved a dresser into Chris’ closet to accomodate new furniture purchases and to store his winter clothes.  Of course, the little rat had to stick her nose in that project, too.

In the Drawer.


The is no sleep for the Sausage.  And not much for Chris and Kerri, either, due to her manical ways.    Good thing she’s cute, or we’d have long since fed her to the bears at my mother’s house.