Someone told you that angels slip in the window and hold your hands as you die.  Your last breath escapes with a whisper and they rescue your soul from a frail, broken body.  Slipping through the open window, they bring you from this world to the next, helping you find your way Home.

I went to you and whispered my goodbyes.  I told you I loved you and that you are the kind of woman that makes me proud of my family.  I told you I would be okay and that I would make sure my mother was okay, too.  You couldn’t talk – only with your eyes and the nod of your head – so I asked through my tears if you loved me, too.  You nodded and closed your eyes as a tear fell out and landed against the folds of your nursing home sheets.

It’s so hard to say goodbye to someone who shaped your whole life.

I love my grandmother so much.  As much as I will miss her, I wish for her peace to come quietly and with haste.  To suffer like that is unbearable to watch.

I opened the window of her room before I left.

Please keep her in your prayers as she prepares for this journey.