There are things going on here that I can’t wrap my head around at the moment, so in the meantime, I leave you with the three most interesting bits of spam I’ve received lately:

“Unless you become as little Children, you can’t see casinos. All you need is faith and trust… and a little bit of casinos.”  (This gem was submitted by “Fred”.)

“The fact is, there is a single source of all your problems, casino unhappiness and self-doubt. It’s called casino – the hidden part of your mind that stores all painful experiences and then uses them against you.”  (Thank you for this poetry, “Online Gambling”.)

“If you?ve ever felt there was something holding you back in life, ruining your plans and stopping you from being who you want to be, you were right. We call it internet casinos.”

Because I always felt like my plans were being ruined because I wasn’t frequenting internet casinos.  Maybe I’ll start gambling online and I can start being who I want to be.

A pox on all spammers.  A pox, I say!