This week has been a little wacky, starting with last weekend and watching the sun rise on Sunday morning after a long night launching the October issue of EXIST.  I’ve been crummy with updating the blog.The Experiment Two:  Spiders

But, keeping with the theme of exhaustion, I’ll let pictures tell their standard 1,000:

Update on the Stupid Plant:  This thing died.  Died completely.  It was reduced to a compilation of dirt and molding leaves.  So, thanks to a fellow horticulturalist here at dLife, I’m now growing spider plant spawn.  These suckers won’t die, even if you ask them to.

We made it to a Mets game a few days ago, tickets courtesy of Howard at dLife.  Nice perks – excellent seats!  Chris and I had never Shea Stadiumbeen to Shea Stadium before, so it was cool to check out another ballpark, other than Fenway.  (note:  Fenway is far superior to all other stadiums.  Where’s their Monster?  Where’s their Yawkey?  Where are their fans puking on Lansdowne?  Yeah, that’s right.)

And this weekend:  A Gomez show at the Bowery in NYC.  (Thanks for the heads up, Johnboy!)  They were phenomenal when we saw them last March in LA at a Virgin Records in-store.  I’m so excited I’m already having trouble sleeping!  Updates on Sunday.

Here’s the little face that greets me every morning, staring at me from about six inches from my nose.  Damn this Sausage.  She makes me uncomfortable sometimes.

Sausage in the Morning
Have a good weekend, everyone!