A while back,  The Anonymous Lurker Mom posted an open question in the comment section of SUM.  The online community responded with the compassion, resourcefulness, and honesty we’re known for.

There’s now another de-lurker with a question:

I’m a long-time lurker and new-time pumper. Actually, infant pumper. As in, one week (I’ve been diabetic for 15 years). I have a couple of questions and I’d appreciate practical advice.

1. How long do you actually leave your site in? If you leave it in longer than 3 days and you run out of insulin, do you just change/refill the reservoir without changing the infusion set?

2. I think I remember reading that you’ve used pen cartridges to refill a reservoir? I tried unsuccessfully to do that and then gave up because I didn’t want to waste any more insulin. But I also don’t want to waste my leftover cartridges.

Maybe you could do a post about things you wish you had known or had been told when you first started pumping? Not that you need ideas. I don’t have any diabetic friends, but I really enjoy reading your blog and the blogs that I found through Six Until Me. There is always something there that I can relate to. Superfriends


This is “Em” and she’s a self-proclaimed pumping infant, having just started on her insulin pump this past week.  Looks like she’s in hot pursuit of the real life, everyday bits of insulin pumping, from finagling an extra day on the infusion set to making the most of her insulin cartridges.  She’s looking for practical advice.  And we’re a veritable treasure trove here in the blogosphere.

This is what we’re here for, F.R.’s.  Let’s help our newly de-lurked, infant pumping friend.

Capes en route.