Insulin is a given.  Every type one diabetic is addicted to the stuff, either by injection or pumped or inhaled.

We don’t make it, so we take it.

However, there’s all this buzz about different supplements that can assist in diabetes management.  It’s being talked about in the blogosphere.  It’s the subject of my online chats with fellow bloggers.  And this information rolls across my desk here at dLife every single day.So what to make of it?  I know that there isn’t a magic cure for diabetes.  (There was this one guy from my old job who tried to tell me that a special chocolate shake every morning would cure my type one diabetes.  I mean, of course chocolate cures diabetes.  Foolish Kerri for not thinking of that on her own.)  I know that there is no substitute for insulin, but are there other tools that can make management a little bit easier?

I have already tried L-Glutamine and I was happy with the results of that little project.  Unfortunately the move to CT ended up losing Mr. El Glutamine in the shuffle, so I haven’t started taking that again.  Now that I’m working regular hours and sucking down coffee like a wild work beast, I’m picking more up on my lunch break.

Sounds like it lines pans.Then there’s the whole cinnamon debate.  Does it help?  Doesn’t it help?  Does it sound weird that I want to just break open the enormous supplement capsules and sprinkle them over a latte?

And what about good ol’ chrominum picolinate?  This is one that I heard about through work.  GNC will sell it to me for $15.00 a bottle.  Is it worth a shot?  (Ah, puns.)

My new supplement since the move to CT has been a prenatal vitamin.  No, I’m not pregnant.  Nor am I planning on becoming pregnant (I can hear the frustration from some and the sigh of relief from others).  But prenatal vitamins are suppoNot Pregnant, thanks.sed to prepare a woman’s body for pregnancy, helping her achieve optimum levels of wellness.  Why wouldn’t I want that?  And, when I’m ready to start a family, my body will be extra-prepared.  Since I started taking the prenatals, I’ve noticed a change for the better in the health of my hair, skin, and overall feeling goodness.

But maybe that’s the effect of not working in insurance anymore.  Point to ponder.

Have any of you guys in the blogosphere tried any of these?  I need some user feedback.  Before GNC takes more of my money…